Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Why I LOVE Minimalisim

Have you heard of minimalism? It's this new movement all over the internet where people are throwing away all their crap. Some people are even narrowing it down to only 100 items total! They report to feeling free. More free time, more money in the bank, and emotionally liberated.

This lifestyle appeals to me imensly. I've already taken garbage bags of stuff (really just stuff) to Deseret Industries, and I've taken two garbage bags to the recycling center, and that felt really good. While I try to convince my husband that it's okay for me to keep throwing away all our crap, there are a lot of things about the minimalist lifestyle that I'm certainly not going to do.

There are a few blogs about people selling their houses and moving to small apartments. This is the opposite of what I want. People being proud of getting rid of their deep freezers! I have to admit, one of these is on my list of "Want very badly." It's up there on that list with the piano.

But I also want a huge yard. I think that a big part of this minimalism movement for me is reducing my consumerism on a drastic level, and a garden would help with that. I want a compost pile and a chicken coop. I want most of our food to come off of our land and I want most of our meat to come from my husband hunting. I hate spending all our good money on processed food that is killing us anyway.

But it's not all about making an impact on the environment. I think about all the money we could save on food, all the stuff we could do without and it makes me think of the trips we could go on. It makes me think that maybe, just maybe, we will get to a point that I can stay at home with our future children and teach them and read to them.

So here I go on another fast. I have done food fasts before and I love them. They make me feel free and the spiritual and mental clarity is unbelievable. But this time I am going on a money fast. Starting in June, I am going to save every possible penny that I can. I think we probably have enough food in our house to last us a whole month, so that is the goal (I just have to start cooking more). No restaurants, no malls, no extras. My bank statements tell me I spend an average of 2000 dollars a month. I'm looking to cut that number in half.

And then maybe go to Mexico this year or the next.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Things I Love About my Husband!

1) That look he gives me when I have done something particularly stupid, offensive, or childish. It has a way of grounding me, reminding me of what I should be doing. 2) Kisses 3) Our version of Pinky promises 4) Foot-in-mouth syndrome. 5) The way he makes me giggle 6) He loves my family 7) He does pretty much whatever I ask him to do. 8) How he puts up with my less-than-adequate communication skills. Most days I feel like I am still learning to speak. 9) His willingness to stand up for me 10) Constantly hearing and saying "I love you" 11) Our little "adventures" 12) Talking in his sleep 13) His fantastically adorable boyish smile 14) The fact that his favorite hobby came out of his desire to protect his values and his family 15) His taste in comedy 16) He will see chick flicks with me (every once in a while) 17) His soft, sympathetic heart 18) He is the best friend I have ever had, and is everything a best friend should be. 19) Frugality. I know I complain about this one a lot, but the truth is that I'm not very good with money. Having someone to talk to about money helps to keep me in check so that I don't overspend. He is the reason I am out of debt today and that I actually, for once in my life, am secure in my finances. 20) I trust him. 21) He lets me cut his hair 22) The fact that he hasn't gotten sick of my overreactions means the world to me. I really freak out sometimes, and I know it freaks him out. But he is still always here when I get home. Always worried about me, and in the end we are able to figure it out. Believe me, I can be really difficult. 23) He consistently loves me. 24) He loves my dog 25) The way he reacted when I first told him about my past 26) How possessive he gets. I know I complain about this one too, but the truth is that I just forget how much I love the feeling of belonging to someone. It has made me feel safe, secure, and protected. 27) His friends 28) How much he loves his family, especially his mom. 29) At the end of the day, the most comforting and peaceful place in the whole world is in his arms. I will most defiantly be adding to this list later, but as it is 3 am, I suppose I had better get some sleep. :)