Sunday, October 24, 2010


The wedding was perfect! Rain threatened for most of the mid afternoon and got us as we were taking pictures by the temple, but weather for the reception was lovely! The flowers turned out perfect and the family was so good to help with everything. Thanks everyone so much for their support and love at this significant moment in our lives!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Lost and Found

What a weekend! Chris is completely moved in to our new appartment and after a few mishaps, I think we are getting pretty organized. It's been an adventure to get used to how the other functions day to day. And for those of you who heard otherwise, I did NOT loose Chris's 400 dollar camera. "Someone" put it into a box in the closet and forgot. But that's okay, it's found now.

Today we went to get mail keys, send off the last bit of invites ( I know, they are late. But they are out!) and we will go tomorrow to meet with our cake lady.

This weekend was supposed to be my bachlorette party, and Chris was supposed to have his bachlor party. Kelsey came down just for the occasion. But after five of my friends and one of Chris's friends bailed on us, we decided that a simple night out will just have to do. It was disheartening to know that friends who we considered to be some of the best would not only not show up to such a special event, but plan a party of their own! I suppose it is just a part of life, gaining and loosing friends. It's good to know that I have the best friend in the world who is going to be stuck with me for forever!

This next weekend me and Chris are headed up to the Bountiful temple to receive our Endowments. It has been an incredible experience for us to prepare to enter the Lord's House. The Gosple its self has provided so much peace in our lives. I cannot even begin to explain how much more great full I am for the gift of the Plan of Salvation now that I have someone I want with all of my heart to be sealed to.